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April 16, 2009
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dawn was sitting on her couch watching the Jefferson's and eating popcorn in the dark when the door rang.

"hold on," dawn said while she was turning on the lights and turning down the volume of the TV.

dawn opened the door and saw Paul.what is he doing here dawn thought.

"hey dawn," Paul said.

"hey Paul," dawn said confused.

"can i come in" he said nervously.

"yeah, sure" she said still confused

dawn walked to the couch and sat down.Paul followed her and sat down next to her on the couch. silence filled the room, so dawn turned the volume up on the TV. dawn took a look at Paul and saw that he was shaking. it was a little cold in there so she put a sheet around him.

"so Paul, did you need to tell me some thing" dawn said nervously.

"yeah i do," he said, "but i don't want you to freak out when i say it."

dawn looked at him, held his hand and said " i promise i won't freak out"

saying that made Paul happy that he can tell her almost every thing. dawn was a little nervous for what he was about to say and not try to freak out.

"well dawn i don't know how to tell you," he said holding dawn's hands, " i know we've only known each other for one and a half years but it feels like I've known you my whole life"

" i think i know what you are saying Paul," dawn said " you like me don't you Paul."

Paul blushed so hard that he was red. dawn kissed him.

" uh... y-yeah i-i do"Paul said trying to get the words in his mouth to come out straight.

"well i like you to Paul," dawn said.

the blushing couldn't stop from dawn or Paul. Paul kissed dawn for the first time. he felt so great that he finally told dawn that he liked her. dawn kissed him back but on the lips.

"do you want any thing Paul"dawn said shyly.

"yeah, you"he said

dawn blushed and said, "no some thing to eat or to drink."

"ok, I'll have some red wine or some rum" he said confidently.

" I think that we have red wine,but no rum" dawn said confused

dawn walked in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. she got the red wine from the back of the refrigerator and got two wine glasses. she was so glad her parents where on a cruise around the world for three months. dawn poured the wine in the glasses very steady. she walked out with 2 wine glasses with red wine in them and the whole bottle of red wine.

"here you go," dawn said.

a couple hours past and the bottle was almost empty. we laughed about all the times we fought and knew that we didn't mean it. then they went up to dawn's room.

dawn woke up in her bed with Paul with all her cloths off. she got out the bed and put on some clothes.dawn walked down stairs and wrote a note.dawn put it on the dinning room table and walked out the front door.

the door slammed and Paul woke up. Paul turned around and saw that dawn wasn't there.he tried not to worry. he looked around the house and found a note from dawn it said:

           dear Paul,

I'm going for a walk to think of what happened last night. if you want to talk I'll be at the park. don't worry I'm ok.
                                                                                            love your girl,

he put on his clothes and went to the park to tell dawn every thing that happened.Paul walked all around the park until he found dawn sitting on a bench.

" hey dawn" paul said.

"hey" dawn said.

dawn looked away from Paul and said " what happened last night?"
what a cute couple.they where suppose to meet, they are a match made in heaven.

part 1: you're here ;)

part 2: [link]

part 3:[link]

part 4: [link]
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